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We are a humble set-up based online. Yes, that’s our address. www.SoilCup.com. We are into digital marketing services, business promotion videos, editing, creatives, basic website, we can also work on creating the campaigns for you if you are aggressively looking to market your products or services on all your social media platforms that require lead generation.

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The first rule of life is to look only for possibilities and not limitations

Sharad is a pioneer in team building and has the ability to lead teams of any size, culture and skill sets. 
He is a thorough process man and is very popular amongst his co-workers and previous peers for his consistency and organised thought process. He has a sharp mind which cuts away clutter and noise and gets to the bottom of the project ensuring complete understanding of clients requirements.
One of his business formulae which keeps him always refreshed and energised is not to waste time and get frustrated on “What cannot be done” rather focus on “What can be done”     
He has dedicated his last 10 years of his life in developing a successful business model with zero investment. A business which challenged his previous learnings and experiences, but his “Can Do Approach” led him to succeed a business model others will envy. His passion to help and support MSMEs stems from the fact that despite high costs and resource crunch, he has been able to consistently deliver quality features on the journey of numerous entrepreneurs with zero cost to the MSME.
His innate desire is to create an ecosystem for the team to achieve financial freedom while working from home!


Whatever gets measured ....gets done!!

Vishaal is a high energy professional whose enthusiasm is infectious. Anyone who has worked with him knows he has an inquisitive mind, goes into detail and analyzes situation from all sides. A BFSI – ( Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) expert in Sales, Training and New Business Development. He has extensively worked and traveled across North, South, West, East, Central of India and presently in Middle East. He is a people man and can talk to any stranger with ease and leaves a lasting impression.

He tries to find creative solutions and never gives up easily. He is a blessed Orator and can articulate his thoughts to any size audience . An inspirational leader who rolls up his sleeves and focuses more on HOW than on What and Why. He always has the end goal in mind and thinks and executes about large scale. He is a person who can stretch and work with amazing speed and ensures seemless execution of projects. His sense of humor and ability to make things look easy is an exceptional quality. Overall an amazing personality with a big heart on a mission to help a larger cause. He is an avid reader, loves traveling and appreciates nature.

After growing people, his dream is to become a farmer and dedicate rest of his life to growing organic food for all.

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We prefer to work as teams

We love to collaborate with go-getters and long-term players