We Welcome You On-Board

a SoilCup.com initiative


Greetings from team SoilCup.com

It’s indeed our pleasure to connect up with you. We see an entrepreneur ‘in making’ and we welcome you on board. 


Hope you now have the answers of How’s and Why’s. You may have gained clarity over your Role and Responsibility and how would YOU make an impact on your income by working from Home. The association between you and us is mutual.


We will soon make a WhatsApp group. This is where you will get  answers to all your Queries, Doubts and Apprehensions. You are free to post any question relevant to our business and association in the group. In response, we shall share some weblinks and request you to kindly go through them thoroughly, leaving no word unaddressed. This is the foundation of our association. The better you understand about the system, fruitful will be our association.


You may find some answers regarding:

  • About Us
  • Your role
  • Earning potential
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Growth potential
  • WhatsApp code of conduct
  • Email Code of conduct
  • Interaction with potential customer’s code of conduct
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Our Objective

For many of us on this planet, entrepreneurship is a journey and a destination too. Some say it is a one-way highway and there is no looking back. But some give-up and go back to jobs. 


Have you ever thought of why people give-up their entrepreneurial journey? What is it that is missing that stops them from going ahead? Is it the lack of finances? Or lack of knowledge? Or is there something else that they don’t even come to know?


The questions are many & so are the answers. There are a couple of things that we understand are:


  • Only Work, Works
  • Consistency
  • Continue to adapt to market dynamics and technology
  • Be where there is money


After this, some would succeed early and some late. As a matter of fact “all would succeed”.


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Final On-Boarding Message

With you as a team member now, we expect to learn new things from you. New ideas, fresh energy should be on the cards. As an associate, the relationship is more of colleagues working together and there is no culture of “Boss”. 


We would never ask you for an update. No Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports. We believe you have joined us responsibly and will work for only 3 people in this World and that is I, As business owners we all understand that there are no ‘free lunches’.


We will Train you, Mentor You and Coach you, But never Monitor you. 


We won’t ask any questions. Rather, we expect you (as a business owner) to ask questions and give possible answers too.


It is your business, you are the Boss, so you should sound like a business person.


We believe that “There is no concept of limitations”. You must have also seen people asking for an additional tool to work and do not focus on the tools that they have.


A classic example is SoilCup.com, We started with an idea almost a year back with just 11 seconds of a video with no resources. Jan 2020 is when we started and we did not have the website till Sept 2020 and no one even asked for it. When we contacted the interviewees, we were so excited that the person also never used to ask for the website and other details. . 

The answer in most of the cases was “YES, I would like to contribute. So this is the way how an entrepreneur treats and deals with an opportunity.


It is all about connecting with only LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. Focus only on things that you can control and manage. Something that somebody else is in charge of, needs to be ignored.


Though we are available 24X7, We prefer only WhatsApp messages and you would never miss a response.


We once again, heartily welcome you on board. May your journey with SoilCup.com & RESA Awards, be full of learning and earning.