About Us

We are a humble set up working in close association with the MSME sector


SoilCup provides a unique platform to produce and broadcast success stories to inspire MSMEs during these tough times.

As a Business Consultant, We also mentor a few businesses in creating their processes and refining their business model. For a detailed understanding click on the link below:

We recommend them

We believe we must work with like-minded people and recommend a few of the entrepreneurs in our community. These are entrepreneurs with great knowledge and experience in their respective fields.  Field of training, Immigration and recruitment

It's time to "Pat a Back" of an entrepreneur

Focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business and give us the opportunity to handle the CSR activity

We feel a great need to share this message with people like you who may be instrumental in the iSupport Entrepreneurs initiative and would be able to understand the pain of micro and small business owners. 

Through this message we would like to introduce a noble cause for which we need your help and support. You would agree that the world has changed – for ever, and there is a need for transformation agents and a cause that can be helpful to many.

At SoilCup, for the last 10 years we  have been providing digital solutions to MSME clients. You can browse through our website and our social media handles.

SoilCup also provides a unique platform to produce and broadcast success stories to inspire other MSMEs during these tough times. You can see some of these in the below link….

Digital Services

We  have been  providing digital solutions to MSME clients for the last 10 years

People Who Love Working with us

These are a few companies who love to work with us. Our way of working is like an extended team members and not like vendors.