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About Us

We began our journey in 2010 by providing digital marketing services to our esteemed clients. We have over 300 happy and satisfied customers across length and breadth of India. We cater to small and medium entrepreneurs and provide them a platform to share their entrepreneurial journey and assist them in their various business requirements, such as content writing, cost-effective social media marketing (SMM) solutions and other related requirements.

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Our Objective

Our long-term objective is to create a platform to help small & medium real estate professionals (Licensed Real Estate Professionals Only) to understand the efficacy and power of Social Media to improve their business in a cost-effective manner. We provide platform to real estate professionals to  share their entrepreneurial journey and get popular through like, share etc.. by featuring on our YouTube, FB & Instagram initiatives. 

Your Story

Through our online platform we encourage the real-estate-stars to share their entrepreneurial journey. This will provide opportunity to showcase their success and how adopting to social media in a dynamic period, like now, will help to engage more with their prospects and customers as a part of their marketing strategy.

Idea is to bring real-estate-stars closer to technology and thereby help them understand the importance of processes and training to improve their quality of business. Though the onus of improving is that of the real estate professional only. Our role is just to create an environment of awareness.

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Just follow these few quick steps

Step 1) You will receive a formal invitation alongwith our T&C

Step 2) A professional sequencing of tentative questions to help you showcase your entrepreneurial journey. This gives you a rough idea of the format of the journey that you would share with us, 

Step 3) You will send self-recorded videos, logo, images, pics etc for our operation team to work upon

Step 4) We publish on various platforms such as YouTube, FB, Insta as per the slot availability / approval


For RESA 2023, a detailed notification/communication will be announced on our website in Jan 2022. The opportunity is available for the real estate professionals who have shared their entrepreneurial journey on our social media channels based on a selection criteria. 

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Partner-In-Progress Program

As a part of our professional services, we will choose to become channel partners to a select few real estate professionals across India. There will be a criteria, terms and conditions to participate in the program. One of the condition is that the real estate professional MUST HAVE shared their entrepreneurial journey with us. This service will also begin in the year 2022.



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