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What & how We do

Our dedication to creativity and innovation, excellence and service ensures we provide you with unrivalled candidate outcomes. Outcomes that will solve your most challenging recruitment needs with the most comprehensive candidate guarantees provided by any recruitment agency across India.

About us -

We @ SoilCup, are focused on creating value through our services to the corporate sector in India and overseas. It is a young organisation at heart, open to learn and embrace C.H.A.N.G.E. We are a bunch of curious guys, who are always ready to innovate, create and improve. 

Our journey started as a digital marketing agency in the year 2010 and since then we have adding business verticals keeping client’s business requirements in our mind. 

As a recruitment consultant, we offer candidates and companies a professional recruiting experience. We believe in being accurate in matching the requirement and making it less tiring for both candidates and the company.

We simply follow basic principles – a balanced Client and Candidate focus, Commitment, Tailored Recruitment Methodology, and a Passionate and Fun Team Culture, all of which are matched with an open welcome for Creativity and Innovation. We have never taken “recruitment as a commodity” type approach, instead our development and success has been based on effecting a “recruitment as a service” and accountability based proposition for clients and candidates.

Purpose -

Our purpose is to make SoilCup the preferred recruitment agency for candidates and clients through delivery of creative and innovative service tailored to their needs through outstanding value. 

Vision -

We interact with accountability, honesty and transparency. We work best as a team, and in helping each other succeed – working as one. We say what we do, and do what we say to achieve results in order to add value to our clients operations. 

Core Values -

Compliance – We are a compliant minded organisation and do-not deviate at any cost. If there is some manipulation that you intend to do with your resume or camouflage or misrepresentation etc.. Then you are at the wrong place. We strictly adhere to our core values and no business is more important than our business values.

We act with integrity in all that we do. We are in the business of great work. We stand by honesty as our best work policy. We always speak up in the name of what’s right.

We believe transparency creates an organisation people can see themselves working with and for – never against. We take accountability for who we are as one of leading names in MSME large corporate recruitments.


We’re not just hiring the right people for the right jobs - we’re helping to keep corporates working.
A unique recruitment agency service model for unrivalled candidate outcomes


Database -

More than 250,000 Candidates: Executives, Managers, IT roles & experts. Plus unique outreach programs run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus. Simply the top recruitment agency database ever curated!

Certified Headhunters -

As a recruitment agency we do not not rely on job postings! We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing. Our latest sourcing strategies discover and engage more candidates and we strive to make an earnest effort to check and verify candidates’ backgrounds to minimise hiring errors.

Business Driven Approach -

We invest time to align a tailored sourcing strategy with your strategic business objectives. We consider ourselves a highly efficient recruitment agency with expertise in corporate recruitment, plus MSMEs.

Creating Recruitment Ecosystem -

Our recruitment agency specializes in recruiting first hires & building core teams. We aren’t worried about the size or the business you are in. Our job is to understand your Values and Culture completely and create an ecosystem to provide you the best available talent.

Each recruitment service has a transparent, unique and competitive fee structure and terms, and is delivered by a certified, professional recruite

Our market leading solutions

Concept of Goodness!

A “Good Candidate” for a “Great Company. Is that what you are looking for? This is possible with a “SoilCup” as your consultant.

When we find some value in your resume (purely depends upon the first impression of your call or resume and nothing to do with any kind of bias), we first get into quality discussions with you to understand your strengths. Once we understand your strengths, the next step is to see the best matching profile out of the openings that we have.

Once we find the right match, we get into exploring the possibilities if your resume can also talk the same language even when you are not in front of the company.

The process is engaging as it requires understanding you, the profile of the company, curating content (Text & Visual) in such a way that clicks in one go. You must have heard an earlier haunting reply from a place you applied for a job –  “We shall get back to you”. Our endeavour would be to ensure that you don’t get to hear this. And make you a “Difficult to reject” proposition” for the position.

If you want us to do a “PostMan” job, we can do that too! Send us your resume at jobs.soilcup@gmail.com and “We shall get back to you”.



We understand the importance of working through technology and also carry the expertise to digitally invite applications. 

We independently curate content for the online job seekers to understand the posit

message for our clients

We Value Your Business!

You must be having a lot of “Good Recruitment Consultants” on board to shoulder the responsibility for recruiting “The Right Talent” for the open positions. All the recruitment consultants working PAN India work on common resources as, Naukri, Monster, Linkedin etc.. We too are invested in these tools. Apart from the routine platforms to find the right candidate, we have a HUGE network and the competence to connect up with anybody across the Globe. Together as an organisation, we have an experience of more than 100 plus years of recruiting.

Hope you would agree that the “Right Candidate” is not sitting on the platforms like naukri or monster applying for jobs. They are to be contacted and convinced. They are hard-nuts to crack and we love doing that. 

Recruitment for us is “Pure Meditation”.

Our Unique proposition

Video Resume “The Power Of Communicating With Visuals

The process of a video resume starts once the above process is complete. We guide you on doing the self-recordings for your video resume. It is a detailed process

  • Creating a script for the interview
  • Finalising and freezing the script
  • You then furnish us the self-recorded videos
  • Once we receive the raw footages, we do the brading and editing of the videos
  • Delivery of the resume as a link

Training You For An Interview

  • Standardised Interview Training, in a batch 
  • Customised One-To-One Interview Training

Our Search Process -

We do-not take up hurried projects. If you are in a hurry then also you are at the wrong place. When we receive an assignment, we get into the skin of understanding the role and responsibilities before getting in touch with the prospective candidates. A right candidate for you means “More Productivity” and less nuisance. It is our recommendations to our clients to spend quality time in recruiting quality people and not in a haste. There will be “Recruitment Consultants” out there who give promises of TAT of 24 hours and even less than that. All this ends up in wrong decisions.

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