Production Process Made Easy

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Production Process

We recommend our customers to equally participate in the production process so that all of us save time and energy. And we are able to give our clients the service that they are looking for. Here we are citing an example of an order that we received from an esteemed customer to create a wedding creative


He sent us this typed message to give us clarity of what all needs to be mentioned and a tentative format and flow

First Option that we created 

Feedback received from customer 

(word to word) 

Thank you for the effort. Proposed creative is completely not my style.
Need something classy as design & No clutter, simple with borders & can be all sides or top & bottom. No additional elements ie depiction of rings etc.. The colour does play a significant role & proposed is not liked.
penguin, confused, cartoon

Customer Shared a Sample at this stage then

                          He Wrote: Greetings, Can we do this?

The following is the second option that we shared with the customer

After this option he sent us his voice recordings and the work was done in one go

Final Version

This time he wrote:

Thank you indeed. Everyone at home are happy. 

tiger, happy, euphoric

Final Message To Our Customers

Some of you may like the final version. Some of you may not like the final version. In fact, some of you may have liked the first version that we created for the client. 

But the client was happy. So what we are also trying to mention here is that all customers are different and so are their needs. Whenever you place your order, we would customise as per your needs.

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