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Traditional way of doing business

One is telecalling the prospective customers and asking them to give business, which they will never give. If they don’t we dial another number and story goes on. Out of 100s of calls one or 2 agree not because of the Value but because they couldn’t say No to you. It’s no less than literally begging. Nobody likes to get disturbed by the phone calls, emails and messages these days. And digital marketing is not a service that gets sold the ONION way. The moment you give a call to ask for business, they have all the doubts and reasons not to give you business. The primary is ZERO TRUST.


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Our Way Of Doing Business

The other way is, OUR WAY, we do the client acquisition first by earning their TRUST. Our way to acquire  client is to ask them to feature on our social media channels with 0 costs. This gives an opportunity to them to share their inspirational entrepreneurial journey with not only friends, relatives and family but with prospects and even strangers. We are able to Transform their thoughts to move out from Traditional and old methods to modern-day tools an entrepreneur can leverage upon. We are creating the need. We convince them to leave all their inhibitions and face the camera and speak their heart out. The fact of the matter is that customers no longer want to deal with a product or a service behind the logo. Customers like to deal with people who they are able to see and hear. Once the entrepreneur shares his journey, they realise the importance and the amazing power of video communication. They are more convinced that they have to become the influencer of their own business. Nobody else can be so convincing and a logo is just a support tool. We have been giving a lot of FREEBIES to the interviewees, like a logo animation, digital visiting card and videos for many occasions with their branding. But when it comes to doing business, we do it on our terms and that is 100% advance.

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Glimpse Of Our Services

There are many products that one can sell to these entrepreneurs. To name a few :


  • Business Promotion Videos
  • Business Image Flyers
  • Occasion Image Flyers
  • Occasion Video Flyers
  • House Warming Videos
  • Wedding Invitation Videos
  • Ring Ceremony Videos
  • Birthday Invitation Videos
  • Marriage Anniversary Videos
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Instagram Campaigns
  • YouTube Campaigns
  • Setting up social media channels

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