Your Funding Needs

Usually businesses have a humble beginning. In some cases the product or the service outgrows it’s initial plan. Business plan starts commanding and demanding for more nurturing, And might need some extra funding.

Tracking High Tech Sectors

We are tracking High Tech Sectors for investors who are looking to invest as Angel Investors, Venture Capital or Private Equity. Today we have a list of 30 focus sectors and over 1000 companies in these sectors. These sectors are growing at over 40 % per year, despite Covid 19. These company employee over half a million people right now. Salaries are higher significantly than Banks and Manufacturing sector.

  • Venture Capitalist In India
  • Fintech Companies In India
  • Global Gig Economy Companies
  • Gaming Companies In India (eGames)
  • Telemedicine Companies In India
  • Space Tech Companies In India
  • Angel Investor Networks
  • Food Tech Companies In India
  • Edu Tech Companies In India
  • E  Commerce Companies In India
  • OTT, VOD, UGC, Podcasts & All Other Digital Entertainment Companies In India
  • AI, ML & Deep Tech Companies In India
  • Driver Less Cars Or Autonomous Vehicles
  • Robotic Companies In India
  • SAAS Companies In India
  • Solar Companies In India
  • Wind Energy Companies In India
  • Biotech & Life Sciences Companies In India
  • Cloud Companies In India
  • Accelerators & Incubators In India
  • AR & VR Companies In India
  • Fitness & Wellness Companies In India
  • IOT Companies In India
  • Real Estate Market Place Companies In India
  • Agri Tech Companies In India
  • Crowd Funding Companies In India
  • Electric Vehicle Companies In India
  • Travel Tech Companies In India
  • Online HR Companies In India
  • Smart Home Companies In India

First Step

Any Investor Nowadays Prefers To Take A Very Short & Crisp Information Before Any Long Conversation Or Presentation. Whatever Information You Provide Here Should Exactly Match With All Your Future Communication. Please Take Out Quality Time To Fill The Information

We need just the BASIC Information at this stage:

a) Company Description in 10 words
b) Revenue in previous month
c) Amount of Funds needed.

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We Can also Help You In Management & Technology

We also help our clients in management and making their business more of a technology driven organisation. It will help you cater to customers in distant locations and also will help you in billing remotely. We can help you in tying up with the investor and also create an ecosystem where you have your product or services in other desired locations also. 

Say for example: You have a clinic in one city of India & another in one city of Canada. You are finding it difficult to manage two clinics & that is stopping you from opening 10 more branches. May be you can open one more clinic somewhere in Afghanistan (just for example). We will help you identify an existing clinic, help you acquire and the existing doctor shall work for your brand under strict terms and conditions.

There is a lot to explain and for your to understand. You may speak to us for more clarity.

Our Brief Introduction

We are in the business of providing quality digital content to our customers for almost a decade now. We are helping small & medium entrepreneurs understand Social Media to improve their business in a Cost-Effective manner. 


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