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Interview Sourcing

It’s important for you to invest some quality time in understanding what to talk with the prospect interviewee. It is a two-step simple theory. You may either choose to directly call the prospect and make him/her understand or you may first seek his/her convenience for a phone call.

Pre-Work involved here to identify the industry/industries you wish to work in and then write their names and numbers of the people you know.

First Step is to send a WhatsApp message (Script for known and reference is written below, which you may tweak as per your convenience and understanding). 

Second Step is to speak to a person as per the script mentioned below. Kindly read the script and also go through their respective voice over.


WhatsApp Script

Communication No. 1 – WhatsApp message to a prospective interviewee


Note – 

Replace the name of Mr James Bond with the name from whom you have got this reference. And change Sharad to your name at two places. 


Use a female interviewee interview link if the prospect is a female. Similarly for the male prospect. Use the interview link of the person who has referred in case of a reference.



Greetings from team SoilCup!


Reference Mr James Bond. My name is Sharad. 


We wish you and family healthy, prosperous and safe 2021. 


At SoilCup, we bring business owners on a common platform from all corners of India and the world.🌍| Our Core business is digital content creation and digital marketing. 


We provide a 0 Cost service or one can say Complimentary service to Entrepreneurs. We encourage them to share their entrepreneurial journey on SoilCup platform as a self-recorded video which is edited, beautified and broadcasted by our team on various social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, FB, YouTube, LinkedIn etc to give you Local, National and Global reach. 


Savvy business owners understand, during these changing times, we have to adapt to changing business needs including communicating with Prospects & customers. We @ SoilCup tend to provide such solutions by remaining creative, positive and motivated. 


Allow me for a brief conversation today or tomorrow to help understand how we will add value to your core business activity.


I will call you tomorrow between 1 pm and 4 pm for a quick brief.


Looking forward to the discussion. 


Best Regards 

Sharad (To be replaced with your name)


Kindly click below link and check their entrepreneurial journey. 



Voice Over

Phone Call Script

Hi Sir/Ma’am, Good Afternoon, this is Sharad from SoilCup.com. Permit me to introduce ourselves. We have been providing digital services to our clients for almost 10 years now. Digital services like a business promotion video, digital creatives, handling social media channels, invitation videos etc. Around when the pandemic started, we decided to give back to the society by creating a platform where small and medium entrepreneurs can come forward and share their entrepreneurial journey and we got a lot of love and affection from across the country and also from places like Vancouver and Muscat. You would agree that in this period a lot of people lost their jobs and are facing challenges in their business. It’s time for some of us to come forward and share the responsibility of motivating at least one such person who needs it the most today. Many in these times have contributed in terms of food and clothing to the needy. There is also a need where we can contribute to somebody’s morale. We believe that this is the biggest contribution in these difficult times. Lost jobs can come back or even businesses may revive. Loss of hope is what we are trying to curb.


Mr James Bond suggested to get in touch with you and to speak to you regarding this cause. In our format of sharing the inspirational entrepreneurial journey is a self-recorded format. You will be surprised that all the interviews hosted are in the self-recorded format only. We even received multiple videos, to the tune of 10-20 videos. We stitch it and remove the unnecessary pauses to make it look like one video.


The first step is that you share your email ID with us and one of the team members would send you a formal invitation. Step two is that we also share the list of the tentative sequence of questions. This is just to guide you on a few things like what can be the tentative questions, how the recordings can be done and a few examples. Now there are two ways of going ahead. One is to keep it open-ended and the other is to put a date to when would you be comfortable sharing the raw footages. Keeping it closed-ended always helps. Things materialise.

Thank you for agreeing. I am noting down the date for our internal records to receive the video recordings. There is one more request to make. We will make a temporary Whatsapp group only for the purpose of coordinating any queries and to receive your inputs. Hope that’s fine with you.


Voice Over

In Short

Trust us, with one WhatsApp text message and one phone call – your job is done. Just keep increasing the funnel, create a WhatsApp group and we shall keep sharing relevant messages in those groups. Client acquisition is bound to happen.



An Important Tip

Future Of Business

The future lies in coming in front of the camera and interacting with your customers. Be the brand ambassador of your own business. Customers no-more wish to interact with logo of your brand. Do refer the following video also to get an insight about the business you are getting into.