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Your Journey-2-Success

Good to see you here while you are in the process of taking a decision. We will be more than happy to answer your queries. 

C.HA.N.G.E slows down the decision making process. Congratulations! On taking a wise decision to engage your audience through social media platforms. This is one decision you have taken which will help your business grow and go a long way. It is a sort of step towards TRANSFORMATION, which is critical in today’s situation to survive. 

And, we are there to not only help and guide, but to devise out the best social media strategy at optimal cost. In other words you get Value for money for any campaign you set up through SoilCup to help you stay connected and ahead with the peers. 

Kindly note social media channels including websites have to be transparent, clear and concise in terms of information including services and mandatory inclusions. 

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Services in month 1 – Creating and Uploading!

Setting up of social media channels in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – Rs. 15000/- + GST 

Still image creatives – 15 

Video – 1 for a duration of 60 seconds

Content for all platforms, images and videos

List of activities we will do in detail on your Facebook Page – 

1. The “About” section would be filled in all respects

2. We will create a Profile Pic and timeline cover for your social media channels 

3. Services section will appear to the audience. Here they would be able to know about what all services you provide and the pricing (You may choose to keep the pricing as variable)

4. It is important that when the audience visits your page, they find the following information in order

– Crisp Description

– Categories your business belongs to (Example: Travel)

– Contact number, website, email address, address (city etc.)

– Service area

5. Opening Hours (this helps the audience in understanding when can they call you)

6. Visitor Posts

– Can the visitors add a photo or video to your page

– Tagging ability

– Country restrictions

– Any age restrictions

– Page moderation – to ban certain words from the page

– Similar page suggestion

– To enable setting to Post in multiple languages

– To set up automated responses on Facebook Messenger

7. Linking of Facebook to Instagram account so that we are able to post on both the platforms simultaneously

8. Linking of your WhatsApp number to your Facebook Page

9. Creating a Business Manager account with Facebook

10. Creating an ad account with Facebook

11. Adding payment method to your ad account

12. Creating preferred audience to your page

13. To disable Facebook reviews for others to review

14. To create a video playlist on Facebook page

15. Thumbnail for every video that would be published

16. Hashtags


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List of services or actions in detail on Instagram – 

– Profile Pic

– Username

– Bio

– Link with Facebook Page

– Category assignment

– Contact Options

– Profile display

– Action buttons

– Personal Information settings

– Converting it to Business profile

– Hashtags

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List of services and actions in detail on YouTube – 

– Profile Pic

– Channel Art

– About

– Playlist

– Thumbnail for all the videos

– Hashtags

– Customise channel

– Trailer video suggestion for new subscribers and returning audience

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Services from month 2 – Maintaining & Updating 

A recharge of Rs.10,000 + GST 

Image creation – Rs.590 + GST 

Animated video – Rs. 2360 + GST 

Editing of pre-recorded video – Rs.1180 + GST

PS – Once, you exhaust the monthly media budget, you can always recharge or top up the same again.

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Campaign Creation – 

Campaigns cost is extra – Once you start understanding the social media channels and their associated benefits, we recommend you to run SMM campaigns where leads are generated and customers contact you for your services. 

However, to create a campaign following effort is involved at your and our end – 

1. Creation of audience ( setting up audience for whom the campaign is created)

2. Creation of Script (we would give you a professionally edited script for you to do self-recorded videos)

3. Once we receive your self-recorded videos, we would add the design language to it. 85% of the audience watches these videos with mute on, so we will make it “Volume Agnostic” by adding the relevant text to the video to induce excitement to watch it and contact you

4. Setting up of targeting and retargeting campaign on Facebook & Instagram

You may also choose to promote your YouTube videos, it also works on the same dynamics as Facebook & Instagram. Audience setting, location, age targeting etc..

To justify the work we do creates value for your business, especially while creating image or video content or any kind of script – we require 51% participation from the client as he or she knows the subject better than anyone. Or in simple words, he is the SME – Subject Matter Expert. 

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Take your first step!

Kindly share the following details with us to send the estimate to you:

  • Billing Name & Address

  • Email Address

  • GST Number, if any

It will have all the details about the service that we would render and also the payment details. Once our accounts give clearance to the production team, the work starts.

We look forward to a long-term fruitful association!