iSupport Initiative

What is iSupport Entrepreneurship Initiative?

Hard Facts – 

As per official estimates, there are about 63.05 Million Micro Industries, 0.33 Million Small and 5000 odd medium Industries in India. MSMEs employ about 110 Million people across the country. MSMEs contribute to 30% of the country’s FDP and 40% of overall exports. 


Challenges MSME faces are –

Limited Capital and Knowledge. 

Non-availability of suitable Technology 

Low production and skilled labour at affordable cost

Ineffective marketing strategy 

And Constraints on modernisation and expansions. 


Small in Size Big in Contributions – 

MSMEs play an important role in the growth of India. An entrepreneur is a great asset to any nation. They work day in and day out to earn their livelihood and are not a burden of any kind and on anybody. They also provide employment to so many people who don’t get a proper education or are skilled enough to work for big corporates. Micro & Small Entrepreneurs are large in numbers and require support.

It is time to "Pat a Back" of an entrepreneur!

The background  – 

An entrepreneur’s journey is unpredictable and they face numerous challenges. One of them is the absence of mentorship or coach or somebody saying “iSupport”. 


iSupport here does not mean that you fund their business. There is ‘No Free Lunch’.


How did iSupport begin – 

iSupport was conceptualised in Jan 2020, with an intent to support fellow entrepreneurs in the field of Consulting. We provide Consulting in areas of Management, HR, Training, Sales, Advertising and Marketing. While we ourselves belong to a micro-entrepreneur category, we decided to help the other fellow entrepreneurs who are struggling in their day-to-day functioning. It is a journey from Small to Big. And, if in any way, we can provide opportunities to Learn, Enrich and Grow it will be a big service to the nation and humanity at large.


What we expect from YOU – 

iSupport publishes it’s videos on weekly basis on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Our plan is to publish the next video which will carry your Business Name, Location, USP, any Baseline, LOGO etc. Our platform becomes your branding place. It will help you in building positive perception amongst your stakeholders, Customers, Employees and the general public and some sales of course. 


The communication says “iSupport Entrepreneurship”.


In the whole process, we are able to promote this ( micro and small entrepreneurs ) business in the area or state or locality they prefer. Part of the sponsorship amount is towards the expenses of running this platform and a large part goes towards promoting the video or boosting the video as requested by the Interviewee. And you benefit by branding your business to a set of audience.


Means to a fulfilling end – The result of this Symbiotic relationship ends up benefitting the Interviewee and the Sponsor. 

Talking about data -

MSME contributes to almost 30% of GDP and 40% of exports.

There are about 63.05 Million Micro, 0.33 Million Small and 5000 odd medium Industries in India.

MSMEs employ about 110 Million people across the country.

Micro & Small entrepreneurs need support from  established businesses such as yours

We are trying to create an ecosystem where these entrepreneurs may get hand holding in terms of improving and increasing their business through much wanted online presence. We are doing this for over a year now. We have created a simple business model where entrepreneurs may join us and earn an additional income. We may be able to support a few from the entire community of business owners. We feel it’s a collective responsibility as we all co-exist. 

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