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Terms & Conditions:

We are an entertainment social media platform/s where you entertain yourself by watching the stories of other business owners. By agreeing to give the interview to us, you voluntarily authorize us to publish it online on our (SoilCup) social media platforms, including our website www.soilcup.com or use it in any form of media including print. Your interview once published then becomes our (of SoilCup) intellectual property. The date and time, given to publish your interview, can change from our end due to any reason and you have to comply with it. It is solely our decision and discretion to share your story on our social media platforms, we may even decide not to share and our decision is final. We are not liable to even share the reason for not sharing the story on our platforms and our decision is final. There is no financial transaction agreed upon between us for hosting and publishing your story on our social media platform/s. Neither you are liable to pay us anything, nor are we liable to pay you anything for hosting/publishing the story on our social media platform/s. We provide a basic presentation of your story for free (the details of which will be sent to you on mail) and if you wish to get additional work done on your presentation – then you may get it done from the open market or we may introduce you to our paid services. The services pack that we introduce to you and when you accept to get it done through us – you also accept the terms and conditions attached to the services. You also agree not to raise any dispute or claim in future of any kind in respect to the interview given, be it financial or otherwise. 


If you fall in the category of a profession that requires licenses and you don’t have one, it will be treated as misrepresentation of facts and illegal and only you will be responsible for any consequences arising out of the same. It is deemed that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the respective social media platforms where we are going to publish your story. 


We hold the right to publish it at only one or more of our social media platforms, at purely our own discretion. We may decide to publish it at only one platform and our decision is final. In case your video gets viral or gets an immense amount of views, you hold no right to ask for compensation and our decision is final. If you need paid promotion on our platforms, then there are separate terms and conditions that will be shared separately and have nothing to do with these terms. Accepting your request to promote your story on our channel is completely our discretion where we may accept or reject the request and our decision is final. And that you are solely responsible to interact with us and that at this given point in time you have not authorized anyone else to communicate on your behalf today or even at a later date. Any such authorization will be treated as null and void. Anyone contacting us after the interview is published on your behalf will not be entertained and we will not be responsible. 


You also confirm that the information that you are sharing with us to publish it online is true to the best of your knowledge and that you have not camouflaged or misrepresented in any way. The decision of interviewing an entrepreneur and publishing it online will be solely our discretion and will be final. We hold the right to even not publish the interview. You also agree to be a part of our mailing list. We will publish the content with our branding. And that you will not have any objections to it. The length of the video may even go up to 30 minutes or more with mutual consent. The more you talk about your business and then more we write about you on social media platforms will impact visibility. Your message will reach more and more people that matter for your business. You may also include an outdoor shoot of your own. While you record your video, you have to ensure your safety and people involved in recording your video and people around. We are not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any untoward incident that you may face due to your own fault and ignorance or fault of anyone else around you while recording the videos for sharing with us. 


We hold the right to take ads/sponsorships/supporters on your journey video to be published and that you will not have any objection or claim at the time of publishing the video or at any date later. We are not liable to share any information on the ads or sponsorships we accept. Once you share your entrepreneurial journey (to be published) would mean that you accept the terms pertaining to ads/sponsorships also. This clause is also valid for any training video that you may share for any of your skill/s, other than the journey video, for our channel. In case you or any of your known gets-in-touch with any of the sponsors/supporters, we are not liable and responsible for any of your direct interactions.


We hold the right to delete any part of the content of the video and are not liable to share the reason for the same and our decision is final. Once the video is uploaded and published – it will not be put down and our decision is final. We hold the right to put down the video on our own and we have no obligation to share the reason whatsoever and our decision is final. While we publish your story – the responsibility of individual interactions with any of the audience’s will be completely yours. While you give us your self-recorded interview – you accept the fact that you may face hate comments on social media from anyone for no reason or may receive unwanted messages or even may receive unsolicited messages for which SoilCup does not take any responsibility. All that we assure you of is, to remove the unsolicited messages from our social media, pertaining to you, whenever it comes to our notice. You hereby authorise us to use your logo and other material shared by you for producing the said creative/video


We will not be responsible for any financial transactions between the group members. We will not be responsible for any financial transactions between you and the audience. The expression in the video is purely of the business owner. He/She/They take full responsibility for the content and its consequences. You have to do your due diligence on your own if at all you decide to become their customer or vendor. We hold the right to call for your KYC to ensure that you are the right person giving the interview on behalf of the organization you represent. We may even ask for the KYC to ensure that you are a real person. We do not have any representatives and you have to interact with us only at the following contact details – yourstory@soilcup.com, soilcup.com@gmail.com or the email ID we keep in CC of this mail is also authorised (only to interact with no financial transactions allowed). The email ID in cc is bound with all the terms mentioned in the mail. SoilCup.com does not take responsibility for any transactions between the interviewee and the coordinator. We have not authorised any other contact to interact with you. If you are a part of the “Best Way to learn, is to teach” video series – all the above terms apply to that video series also.


This is computer-generated terms and conditions and on you going ahead to share (in any form: on mail, wetransfer, google drive, whatsapp or any other means) your entrepreneurial journey with us to be published on our social media platforms would mean it is read and accepted from your end


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