the whole world is migrating

Yes, it is true. You must be knowing many – who have already migrated or are planning to migrate. Those who don’t migrate, have their own reasons – which in their situation must be better for them. 

From far off, we keep speculating how others are managing their day-to-day life in a foreign land.

There is nothing wrong or right about a decision you take. Some think that “You Only Live Once” so why not do whatever is possible and live life “KING SIZE”


Feel comfortable to ask questions that you may have before even taking the first step. Migrating to a new country is a BIG DECISION of life. It not only impacts you but also your entire family and entire life. The decision needs to be thorough and should be well informed. 

It is always better to hire a GUIDE in your journey of migrating to a new country. Do-not ever get into the hands of people who make FALSE BIG PROMISES. Whatever information you get, verify the same with the concerned country official websites. Be doubly sure of your GUIDE and equally participate in disseminating the information that is required to migrate. Do your homework well.

It is always better to take time to understand the nitty gritties at your end. It is always better to have a common consensus with all your family members. It is always better to have a first hand information rather than depending on others.

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