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Fast Track Program

Welcome to the FAST TRACK “Senior Partner In Progress” Program where you will go through a rigorous induction and live market experience. Qualification criteria is – 10 interviews plus management decision. On completion of these 10 interviews, you get an amount of Rs.5,000 as bonus plus an opportunity to join us as a Senior Partner In Progress.

There are 3 key business drivers which influence or impact your earning potential. 


  • Acquisition of clients – 40%
  • Self-recorded video interviews – 40% 
  • Recruitment of “Partners-In-Progress” – 20%

As a PIP, we give you an opportunity to EARN while you LEARN. You are required to consistently drive the above 3 key business drivers at the above percentages in terms of time and energy, which helps you to establish your business faster and thereby earning quicker.

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Fixed Pay-Out Once You Qualify To Become Sr. PIP for 1st 100 days as per the following details


4 Weeks!

We offer you a pay-out of Rs.75 per hour for a maximum of 4 working hours a day and for 6 days a week. Rs. 100 per week extra for data and calling expenses.

Expecting to work a maximum of 4 hours a day

There is a online input sheet that needs to be filled while you work on it

Payable Weekly






1st 100 days Support



Self-Sourced Published Interview Incentive – Rs.500 per Interview. 

To source a minimum of 3 interviews a week. Payable Weekly

PIP appointment – Rs. 2500 per partner (Only non-waver cases. Where the PIP pays Rs.5900 as joining fees)

Minimum 3 PIP in a month is desirable. Payable Monthly

PIP- Sourced Published Interview Incentive – Rs.500 per Interview (Only non-waver cases. Where the PIP pays Rs.5900 as joining fees)

To guide and motivate PIP recruited by you to learn/copy your effort and technique


Earning Grid Potential – On monthly 

Key Driver





Pay per Hour

Rs. 75/- PH




Mobile reimbursement

Fixed Rs. 400 pm




Video Interviews

Rs. 500/ Interview




PIP recruitment

Rs. 2500/ PIP




Video interviews thru PIP

Rs. 500/ Interview




Business Direct





Business thru PIP










  • PIP recruitment – Average – 1, Good – 2 and Excellent – 3 PIP recruitments in a month
  • Calling Data is reimbursement Sr PIP would get in a month
  • Direct video interviews – Average – 4, Good – 8 and Excellent – 12 in a month
  • PIP recruitments  – Average – 1, Good – 2 and Excellent – 3 in a month
  • PIP video interviews – Average – 2, Good – 4 and Excellent – 6 in a month
  • Direct Business @ 20% is business sourced by Sr PIP billed in a month
  • Indirect Business @ 5% of PIP income in the month



Yearly Revenue

Years in Business

Potential Interviewee Profile




50L – 2 Crore 






Current profession

Potential PIP Profile



15000- 25000 pm

Should be in the service industry preferably. Well connected and able to associate long term. Should have good communication and convincing skills. Desirable to increase household income and seeking financial freedom. Certain professionals like MDRT agents or Finance Consultants or Distributors etc who already have customers.

Power Of One

MIS – 

Fixed payout will be reviewed and paid at the end of each week

Though we believe self-monitoring is the best way to work. It is equally important to measure and monitor EFFORTS Vs RESULTS. We will share a google doc on google drive for you to fill.

Terms and Conditions – 

Lead by Example – You can recruit PIP after 5 self-sourced successful interviews. 

Potential PIP Joining Fees is 5900 (Inclusive of taxes). 

PIP gets customised marketing tools, digital visiting card and Induction. 

PIP gets Rs. 500 per Interview published as an incentive for 1st 10 Interviews.


Interview here means published interview in SoilCup platform in a month. 


Please refer to eligibility and selection criterion for PIP recruitment and Clients for Video Interview.

Your Role and Responsibility as a PIP – 

Prospect Generation, Telecalling and Conversion 


Example of a successful day – 


Activity 1 Daily – Business or Revenue 

Follow – Power of 1. Get 1 client a day for Business or Revenue be it Image or Flyer or Video or FB campaign or Recruitment or Training or Immigration.


Activity 2 – Interview 

Follow – 25:10:3:1. Google 25 names. Dial all 25 and Talk to 20 prospects. Get 8 or 10 interested and put them in warm or WIP list and 1 to be finalised for Video Interview every day and form it in the WhatsApp group with BD and CT.


Activity 3 – PIP

The everyday activity entails a formula – 25:10:3:1. Google 25 names. Dial all 25 and Talk to 20 prospects. Get 10 interested and in WIP and 1 finalised for Video Interview. 


Compliance Requirements

Refer and accept the Do’s & Don’ts mentioned on the following weblink http://soilcup.com/dosanddonts/

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Structured Scripted Responses

Training gives everyone a great understanding of their responsibilities and the knowledge and skills they need to do that job. This training will enhance your confidence which can also improve your overall performance.


The benefits involved are: 

You become independent of others and that’s what is required for a person to be successfully earning as an entrepreneur. This training will help you with an overall understanding of the structured response. The more you involve yourself in the business, dedicate time, the more you will have an idea of what to speak and how to speak. The process will bring out the best from you.


Client Script

Interview Script

Message for Interviewees

PIP Script


Note – The above payout structure is valid only for first 100 days of a person qualifying to become a Sr. PIP from a PIP

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