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WhatsApp Code Of Conduct

This document is about the WhatsApp code of conduct. Code of Conduct with the Interviewee/Sponsor or a customer. 


Prior approval has to be taken from the interviewee/Sponsor or a customer before forming the group. Kindly refer an example below

(Example: Dear Sir/Ma’am, it’s indeed our pleasure to have you on board. You agreeing to share your entrepreneurial journey on our social media platforms is going to be a win-win for all. For the audience, they get to know your story. For you, you get a chance to feature on our social media platforms and get more audience for your business. It becomes a kind of your business presentation. From here onwards we will make a temporary WhatsApp group to coordinate your inputs. Your approval is required. Kindly approve.)


  • We will keep sharing with you standard scripted messages. To use only those as a copy and paste practice.
  • You have to form the group after prior approval from them
  • You will not forward any forwarded messages in the group or even separately to the interviewee/sponsor or a customer.
  • If he/she (interviewee/sponsor or a customer) sends the forwards in the group or personally, it is absolutely fine unless it is not offending any caste, gender or community or is obscene and political. For any objectionable message that the interviewee/sponsor or the customer sends – the response needs to be first discussed internally and then implemented.
  • With time we will help you understand how sending text messages or voice messages can help us save a lot of time. The idea is to standardise the communication.
  • To use scripted/standard responses only while interacting with interviewee/sponsor/customer. You have to copy and paste your response to them. Do-not forward. They come to know it is a forwarded message. Strictly no.