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Champion | Sponsorships

Champion | Sponsorships is responsible to collect sponsorships from the business owners who fall in the category of medium and large business owners. The client benefits from promoting his company in the video features released by SoilCup for MSMEs on a regular basis through the support of PIP’s. The theme is promoting the MSMEs through iSupport Entrepreneurship” cause. The role is to Champion the Business Development activity to raise funds from Sponsors.



Who is an Ideal Sponsor?

Our core @SoilCup is to support the growth of MSME and thereby contribute to Atmanirbhar Bharat – a central government initiative.  We are inviting sponsors from any Industry who is willing to support the original theme of supporting MSME entrepreneurship under iSupport Entrepreneurship”  activity. 


SoilCup is a digitally enabled company which provides a platform with no geographical or cultural or language barriers, hence any deserving middle or large corporate can come forward and help us realise the cause.


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What does a Sponsor get?

A Sponsor gets featured just before the interview starts for a maximum length of 30 seconds which is featured across all social media platforms such as YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc.  



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How does an Interviewee benefit?

From the sponsorship money, we are able to invest a portion from to increase or/and improve the viewership of the video featured for MSME entrepreneurs.


(A substantial portion is utilised towards cost of production, administrative and other charges including Incentive or Commission to Champion and PIP both)






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Payout Grid – 

Monthly – 


Sponsorship Amount


Up to Rs.1,00,000


Rs.1,00,001 to 2,00,000


Rs. 2,00,001 and above


Quarterly – 

Sponsorship Amount


Up to Rs.1,00,000


Rs.1,00,001 to 2,00,000


Rs. 2,00,001 and above



Annual – 


Sponsorship Amount


Up to Rs.4,00,000


Rs.4,00,001 to 6,00,000


Rs. 6,00,001 and above


Booster – More earnings per PIP 

The champion will also be rewarded upon referring a Partner-In-Progress. He will earn an additional 5% of the total income of the PIP. (eg. If a PIP earns Rs.1,00,000 in a month Champion will get Rs.5,000 as referral booster)

Note – 

All the payouts to be done on successful deliveries only. In case of any service that involves replacement clause or falls in the refund policy period, the payout to made after that.

All the Bills from the Champion have to be submitted by the 5th of the next month and the payments will be credited by 25th of the same month after no amount is outstanding from the client-side.

Hope we have been able to explain the partner in-progress program. In case you need any more clarity? We are just a call away

The above payout structure is valid till 31st March 2022. The same can be revised at any time at the discretion of the management without prior notice.


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